47374.info is a website built by Chris Hardie that automatically collects and displays information about news, events, job listings, weather, emergency alerts and more from other online sources in Richmond, Indiana and Wayne County, Indiana.

Again, it’s all automated. While there are editorial decisions inherent in the selection of sources, none of the actual headlines or links displayed on the site at any given time have been directly entered or modified by a human being affiliated with this site. They all come from external sources via software tools.

Why Did You Build This?

I wanted a simple, consolidated, constantly updated place where I could look at all of the information available about what’s happening in the Richmond, Indiana area right now. I couldn’t quite find that anywhere else, so I created it. Here’s the longer version.

How Does It Work?

The site is built on WordPress and uses a couple of tools to do what it does:

  • FeedWordPress, a WordPress plugin that can create posts from RSS feeds
  • A collection of custom Perl and PHP scripts to generate RSS feeds from sources that don’t offer them
  • A custom WordPress plugin that retrieve events from sources like Eventbrite, Facebook and Google Calendar
  • A custom WordPress plugin that retrieves weather information from Weather.gov
  • A custom WordPress plugin that retrieves emergency alert information from Twitter

Are You Making Money On This?

No, and I don’t have any plans to make money on it. If you have money you want to give to someone, give it to professional journalists who are usually the ones creating the articles and information that this site links to.

Can I Suggest A New Source?

Sure! Please email suggestions to editor@47374.info. For news, I’m only interested in sources that adhere to journalistic standards of reporting, or if non-journalistic but still of value, that clearly disclose any commercial or sponsored nature of their content. For events, I’m interested in sources that regularly offer events of broad appeal within our community.