STARTedUP Richmond – Student Innovation Night: W/ Wayne County Food Council

This is an evening dedicated to empowering high-school innovators and entrepreneurs through real-world experience in rapid prototyping, networking, and solving real-world problems.

The Format:A local business or non-profit will pitch a goal they wish to achieve or an issue they face to a group of students attendees. After this, the students will group to brainstorm/prototype a solution and pitch it. Many of our guests choose to continue to collaborate with the students to implement these solutions.
Students end the evening with the opportunity to meet other innovative and entrepreneurial students as well as local business leaders and spectators.
This is a spectacular way to make an actual difference in how real-world businesses operate, as well as to build your network and experience the mindset of innovation

This month's innovation challenge will be pitched by the Wayne County Food Council

We'd love to thank Chris Hardie, for graciously sponsoring this month's event

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Special insights provided by this month's Spotlight speaker: Megan Imhoff, aka The “Ish” Mom from

If you have questions or need assistance, email
The STARTedUP Foundation is an organization focused on empowering student innovators and entrepreneurs by providing mentorship, seed funding, and incubation programs.

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