Weekly Playgroup at the Nature Playscape

CEC is introducing a new, self-led program: Weekly Playgroup @ the Nature Playscape. Playgroup happens every Friday at 10 a.m. starting March 29, 2019.

Our trails and Nature Playscape are open every day dawn to dusk, and playtime could be any time, but the goal of the playgroup is to create a coordinated time for parents and guardians to bring their kiddos out for group socialization and outdoor play. The more the merrier! This program is meant to be fun and casual so that everyone can move at their own pace, and come and go as they please.

For those who arrive at 10 a.m., a staff member or volunteer will be available to lead everyone to the Nature Playscape and give a brief welcome and introduction.

Weekly Playgroup @ the Nature Playscape. It’s a great time for play time!

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