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The Common Council will meet in a special session on Monday, April 20, 2020 at 7:30 pm in the Richmond City Building on the third floor in the Council Council Chambers located at 50 North 5th Street, Richmond, Indiana. Below you will find links to the agenda minutes of the last meeting and ordinances to be heard.……

Ordinances on first reading:……………

Ordinances on second reading:……

For more, visit the web.

This meeting will be streaming live on the City’s YouTube Channel.

Comments during the meeting will be handled by telephone and will be subject to the usual per person time limit. Call one of the phone numbers below and wait for the instruction to dial the meeting ID: 963 389 739. It will ask for a participant number. Just press #.


When the President indicates the floor is open for comment, Press *9 on your phone to indicate that you want to comment.

When it is your turn to comment, the President will call on you by the last four digits of your phone number (that is how it shows on our screen) and your line will be unmuted so you can talk. When you are done commenting, please hang up so the line is free for others to join and comment. You may call in again if you wish to comment on another item. 
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